Destination Photography Phuket, Thailand | Photographer Nam Quan | Fiona and Bethany's Bachelorette Party


It was my first time ever to be in Phuket 10 days ago photographing the bachelorette party of Fiona and Bethany, both of who are getting married later this year in Hongkong. The weather was not totally ideal, it was raining the day I arrived (and throughout the night). On the shooting day it was all overcast – and kept on raining here and there during the day. We had no chance but staying inside the whole day and tried to get the best out of the Yin & Yang Villa – where they were staying.

It was very challenging for wedding a photographer to not getting outside & not getting the sunlight for a shoot (and not being on the beach when you’re in Phuket). But at the end of the day, the fun & energetic group of ladies - with how amazingly they put together a bachelorette party by themselves - was absolutely great to work with. Not to mention the design & view of the Villa helps giving some remarkable inspiration to me.

Congratulations to Fiona and Bethany on their upcoming weddings.

You can have a look at my favorite shots from the day.

Daniel Nguyen