The deconstructed image – episode 1

When I see an interesting photograph I always start deconstructing it in my head – this is how I picked up a lot of skills and especially in the early days of my photography career looking at the Exif data of images on Flickr or reading Joe McNally’s book The moment It Clicks really helped me to develop this skill further.

So I figured to do a series of deconstructed wedding images – this can help aspiring wedding photographers to get some new ideas but also gives a bit of an insight to couples of how we work. Here is the first one – let us know what you think.

So this shot was taken on a pre-wedding shoot in Hoi An in April. It was beautiful afternoon sunlight around 3pm but as you can see in the shot there was no direct sunlight here – the natural light used here is light that bounced of the walls on the other side of the road creating a nice and soft fill light.

I always like to create different layers in my photos so in this case I tried to place the groom about 50cm to 1m from the nicely patterned wooded wall to blur it out slightly and then i place the bride 3 meters in frot of him so I can blur her out in the foreground.

For the EXIF data freaks among you here you go:

Camera: Canon EOS 6D

Lens: Canon 35mm f1.4 L-series

Apperture: f1.4

Exposure time: 1/4000 sec

ISO: 100

no flash

For the post production I basically increased vibrance, clarity and contrast, pumped up the blacks a bit and did some burning on the outer parts of the frame to create the darker mood.

I hope this was interesting and helpful…