Mad Men Series Finale Location (Spoiler alert) | Wedding in Big Sur

You’re probably thinking what does Mad Men have to do with wedding photography? Don’t worry I’m not going to attempt to drum up some weird deep connection to the two just because there is a buzz about the series coming to an end. This is simpler than that. I am in many ways similar to Don Draper with my rugged handsomeness, complex inner struggles, and checkered past. No, no, no, that isn’t it either ok ok I’ll get to the point.

I’m huge Mad Men fan and I’ve seen every episode on flights all over the place en route to various shoots. For the finale I was able to be at home, sort of the opposite of Don Draper in the finale. I sat down in front of my TV, dressed in my 3-piece suit with a bottle of scotch and drank in the episode. As Don escaped to a wellness retreat on the stunning coast of Big Sur, California I couldn’t help feel familiar with the location.

It was indeed the exact setting for a beautiful wedding I photographed a few years back at Anderson Canyon. For a wedding photographer and for a bride and groom you couldn’t ask for a better setting, it was breathtaking. For those fans of celebrities this is also the place where Natalie Portman got married.

So yes this blog post is a long-winded way of saying “cool, I’ve shot there”. While Don Draper ends in a Zen moment doing yoga I sprained my ankle that day not far from his yoga aread, but hey I never said I was as cool as Don Draper.

Here are some of my favorites images from that day.

Blog by Justin Mott/Mott Visuals Weddings

Venue | Anderson Canyon, Big Sur

Photographers | Justin Mott and Stephen Lam/Mott Visuals Weddings

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