ADVICE TO BRIDES AND GROOMS | What Do You Do When It Rains On Your Wedding Day?

From a wedding story in InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula, Danang, Vietnam. Photo by Mott Visuals Weddings.

From a wedding story in InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula, Danang, Vietnam. Photo by Mott Visuals Weddings.

Oh no, the unthinkable has happened and during your vows a downpour ensues. What do you do? Well, obviously it’s not meant to be and you leave and try again next year. No no, you’re not a quitter and the two of you have gotten this far so don’t give up now. It doesn’t happen often to our clients but if it does happen. In fact it happened last week to us at a wedding at the stunning Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula, and yes I see the irony of it being Sun Peninsula. Normally it is sun and gorgeous there but weather happens to the best of us. With that experience fresh in my head I’d love to share some tips on making the best of a rainy wedding dayfrom a photographer’s perspective.


Talk to your photographer and show him/her where things will happen if it rains. This will give them some ideas ahead of time and they won’t be scrambling for new ideas if they only scouted the sunny day plan. Often the back-up plan isn’t given much thought about photography but your photographer will have good ideas on where things should take place in order to get you the most beautiful images so have a chat.


Yes, that’s an order. Of course it’s disappointing but you can’t change the weather so take a deep breath and make the best of it. If you are sad, your stuck with pictures of you being sad forever. Slam a champagne or make your significant other do whatever he/she does to make you laugh and regroup.


A good photographer should be paying attention to the weather and chances are they’ve been in this situation before. For our rainy day wedding I could see the skies getting dark in the afternoon and things were looking bleak for the later in the day. I asked the couple for 15 minutes for a quick portrait session before the ceremony and thank god I did, it saved us. It poured like crazy during our scheduled portrait session.

If you are traditional and you don’t want to see each other before walking down the aisle I respect that but if not then make the time. Even if the wedding planner says you don’t have 15 minutes ask them to make time. Correction, don’t ask them tell them. Never forget on your wedding day you’re the boss and pictures are forever, but a schedule running 15 minutes late is…well…15 minutes. Remember people will forget having to wait for their dinner but you will never forget bad pictures.


This isn’t for everyone but if you have a back-up dress and you are willing to embrace the weather go shoot in the rain. At the very least you will have unique images to go with that crazy wedding day story. Have a friend come with you and have umbrellas handy.

Be sympathetic to the photographer and their gear as well, some might not have rain gear or the weather might just be so bad they can’t go out there and shoot without ruining their equipment.


Every photographer has different packages and clauses but if you had a complete rain out and you were set on those beach shots consider paying a little more for a possible portrait shoot the next morning. Talk to your photography team and see what their policy and pricing is but if it’s reasonable price go for it, it will suck getting up at sunrise but shoot for 2 hours then go back to bed.